PV - Cruising Div - 2 - PH Entries

ClubInitial PHS 
Peter Langford Moneypenny R26 BYS 0.860
Greg Rowland BO DEREK b36 BYS 0.867
Ken MacKenzie NANOOK AUS081 BYS 0.865
Richard Backwell ESSENTIALLY CHICKEN AUS098 BYS 0.880
Denis Liubinas THE MENACE AUS185 BYS 0.860
Peter Southwell TEN PAST TOO b218 BYS 0.857
Gary MacKinven WAY2GO b1347 BYS 0.846
Ken Douglas One out of the box b5584 BYS 0.855
Cormie lindsay Co Co B360 RBYC 0.847
Ken Christensen MyHappyPlace 6169 RBYC 0.860
Michael Pointon Vitesse R632 RYCV 0.845
Richard Ekberg Ragnar Sm33 SYC 0.863
Simon Bell Jeff Sloan Archie Sm35 SYC 0.845
Alex Newman Arch de Triomphe Sm3131 SYC 0.855
Michael Ebeling La Mer Sm6002 SYC 0.848

Number of entries: 15

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