PV - Cruising Div - 2 - ORCc Entries

Peter Langford Moneypenny R26 BYS 1.6464
Greg Rowland BO DEREK b36 BYS 1.0591
Ken MacKenzie NANOOK AUS081 BYS 1.0825
Richard Backwell ESSENTIALLY CHICKEN AUS098 BYS 1.1220
Denis Liubinas THE MENACE AUS185 BYS 1.1220
Peter Southwell TEN PAST TOO b218 BYS 1.0616
Gary MacKinven WAY2GO b1347 BYS 1.0590
Ken Douglas One out of the box b5584 BYS 1.0627
Richard Ekberg Ragnar Sm33 SYC 1.1120
Simon Bell Jeff Sloan Archie Sm35 SYC 1.1248
Alex Newman Arch de Triomphe Sm3131 SYC 1.0534
Michael Ebeling La Mer Sm6002 SYC 1.1045

Number of entries: 12

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