PV - Cruising Div - 3 - PH Entries

ClubInitial PHS 
Alistar Singh PENDING b5 BYS 0.832
Richard Gilhome CRESCENDO b44 BYS 0.830
Phil Endersbee MATADORE b415 BYS 0.840
Wayne Mercer the third tool AUS1278 BYS 0.790
John Hall Wingara My47 MCYC 0.730
John Gordon Etoile MY381 MCYC 0.755
Remco Pen Bigger Day Out M045 MYC 0.845
Margaret Neeson Wild Child B310 RBYC 0.790
Iain McCoy Helter Skelter B521 RBYC 0.775
James Oosterweghel Sunshine s18 RMYS 0.840
Adrian Caharija Cousin it R149 RYCV 0.845
Leo Cantwell Magic Bullet R374 RYCV 0.823
Pauline Cleaver Mr Bojangles SB4556 SBSC 0.820
Peter Williams Carbine Sm8521 SYC 0.800

Number of entries: 14

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