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What We Do

This website provides software to assist in the management of large sailing regattas. The full system contains the following

  • Sailing Results
  • Protests
  • Event Notices
  • Rule 42 Infringements
  • Request for Information
  • Big Screen Displays


The Results system is not mandatory, and the Protest, Event Notices, Rule 42 etc can be used  in conjunction with any other results package, e.g. Sailwave, Sail100, TopYacht, ZW, etc.


The basic steps to use the system are

  1. Set up a user Account
  2. Add a New event
  3. Decide which components will be used (e.g. just the Protest system or Protests plus Event Notices, etc)
  4. Optionally setup the graphics to customise the display
  5. Create a link from your event website to the event on this website


Recent/Upcoming Events