What do we do?



Results for both clubs and major regattas. Used for World Championships for Lasers, 49ers, Finns, 29ers, Dragons, Etchells etc with multiple groups, round robin series, Clubs can run keelboat and off the beach series, with handicaps solutions for Performance Handicap, Yardstick, IRC, ORCc, AMS, SMS and Pursuit races. Run a sub-series of a longer series or pull race results automatically from multiple series. The system also manages notices to competitors, jury hearings, scoring enquiries, change of crew or equipment and a number of other administrative tasks. The online entry system takes all the work out of regatta entries.

Electronic Sign on

Our electronic sign on/off makes it easy for skippers to sign on their boat for the days racing, and for keelboats, to easily identify who is on the boat on any particular day. Simply click on the icon on your phone, select sign on/off, click on each member of your crew and you are done. And sign on is also the same for volunteers. This allows the PRO to have a full picture of everyone that is on the water for the day, their contact details, any medical issues to be aware of, and a single "click to call" any person or their emergency contact. Each boat has a QR code which can either be printed and kept on the boat, or displayed on the skipper's phone for new crew to register on the boat.


Volunteers love volunteering. But they need to be kept informed of events that may be of interest to them, they are not interested in a long and complicated registration process and they like to be acknowledged for their time, effort and expertise. Our job is to help your organisation achieve these aims without burdening your staff with time consuming processes. No more messy spreadsheets, matching, merging, updating contact details; simple processes in a 100% web based system for your laptop, ipad or phone.

Keelboat Crew

Finding, keeping and managing crews is a major task for even the smallest of keelboats. Finding new crew that match the vibe and competiveness of you boat is time consuming, and once you do have a reliable crew, managing who is available and when can be a major task. The system includes a simple crew matching system for people looking to crew and skippers looking for crew. The crew management component allows the skipper to nominate the sailing days for the boat, and for crew members to then mark their availability for each day giving the skipper an instant view of who will be on the boat for forthcoming events.