Scoring Enquiry

Number: 8

Race Number1
DivisionILCA 6
Sail Number206022
Boat NameJukes of HazArd
Skipper's NameBrendon Jukes
Sail Number of boat
finishing in front of me
Sail Number of boat
finishing behind me
Greta and Sylvia and Owen

Date/Time Received01 Dec 2023 16:11

I do not believe the places you adjusted are correct from race one. I crossed Slyvia and Great and Owen at the finish. Slyvia wears a distinctive pink bower and head tie and I crossed a good six to 10 boats lengths ahead of her and Greata and Owen. Owen can confirm this. I placed 5th or 6 th in this race can you please review again 





Response from RC

We have referred to the video of Race 1. Results stand, no change to the current results.

Response ByLF
Response Date/Time01 Dec 2023

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