Scoring Enquiry

Number: 30

Race Number14
DivisionIq foil
Sail NumberAus 321
Boat NameIQ Foil
Skipper's NameJoseph Folley
Sail Number of boat
finishing in front of me
Aus 22
Sail Number of boat
finishing behind me
Aus 198

Date/Time Received03 Dec 2023 20:47

I was given the result of 7th place in this race. I believe I scored 2nd place. This could potentially be verified through one of the coaches Mitch Pearson or Sailor Matthew Quinlan. Also I think the results of this race were not accurate as Grae Morris was scored a 1st place when he did not complete the race as he broke his equipment during the race. This scoring caused me to drop from 3rd to 4th overall. I am not sure if I am to late to submit this scoring enquiry.

Response from RC

Joesph, apologies for the error and results have now been updated. It was a mistake by our scorer, and in the rush on the last day our finish boat did not check them. I will arrange for a medal to be presented to you at RQ. 

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