Scoring Enquiry

Number: 24

Race Number7
DivisionILCA 7
Sail Number224626
Boat NameDeadlift
Skipper's NameWill Sargent
Sail Number of boat
finishing in front of me
Sail Number of boat
finishing behind me

Date/Time Received03 Dec 2023 16:13

I was given bfd in race 7. There were 4 numbers on the white board after the race and I was not one of them. A similar number on the board to mine was on it. I believe this is a scoring error and would like to listen to the tape.

Response from RC

Hi Will, Your BFD in race 7 is correct. Records show you've been sailing under both 224626 and 224646 in this regatta, which has resulted in a conflict in sail numbers for you on the Entry List.   You are reminded of the requirement for you to seek the approval of the Race Committee to change equipment, which includes sail numbers. This is all as discussed with your Race Officer 

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