2022 Victorian Youth Championships

Scoring Enquiries

10 Iq Qualifying division 2 19 Apr 15:18 Aus 198 Matthew Quinlan

I was given redress to 2nd Place. It hasn't been updated. 

Hi Matthew, 

Thank you for your inquiry, this has been resolved and you have been scored with 2 points 

9 29er 6 19 Apr 15:13 3082 Umiko Jacqueline Vanzella

Poor safety management resulting in a dangerous situation and extensive damage.

Hi Jacqueline,

Protest number 20 is scheduled to deal with this inquiry 

6 29er 1 18 Apr 15:57 3138 Bust Up Thomas Quinlan

In this race we finished behind boat 2130 and fedora boat 29 in 21st place and yet was scored as a 37 (a dnf).

Hi Thomas, 

Thank you for your enquiy, the finish boat recording was consulted and showed you finishing in 21st after 2130 and before 2483. The results have been amended to show this ....

5 Laser 4.7 4 18 Apr 15:38 188818 Controlled Chaos Amy Moors

The results published currently differ from the results published last night. My result is shown as 11th place but was published as 6th place last night. I believe 6th place was my actual resu ....

Hi Amy, 

Thank you for your enquiry, the allocated finish places are due to scoring penalties being applied for not signing off within the allocated time. Four 4.7's receive ....

4 Windfoil qualifying class 3 18 Apr 09:57 220 Kamikaze Matty Goss

I have been given a DNC when I had finished the race in 7th position and had been well infront of other boats that did not time out aswell.

Hi Matty, 

Thank you for your inquiry, the finish boat recording was consulted and it showed you crossing the line in 8th position before board 8111 and just after two 29ers. Th ....

3 29er 3 17 Apr 17:01 2684 Harvey Angus

Osc don't think I was over 

Hi Angus, 

Thank you for your enquiry, as heard on the tape you were over and the OCS is still applied 

2 Laser 4.7 1 16 Apr 21:07 18818 Controlled Chaos Amy Moore

I put in a request this morning for a sail number change. I was awarded 25 when I’m sure I wasn’t over or should have gotten disqualified for any other reason. Just wanted to check it&r ....

Your sail number has been updated and also results for race 1. Apologies your sail number wasn't changed correctly

1 Laser 4.7 1 16 Apr 18:43 201531 Delusive Hudson Donnelley

Scoring does not reflect finish place

There were three UFD boats including 201531 


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