2020 Australian Laser Championships

Scoring Enquiries

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10 Radial (Gold) 6 06 Jan 2020 18:57 208521 Scott Leith DNC incorrect. I was near blue pin end of finish and maybe not seen? I thought I was 25th maybe 24th. Finish sheets reviewed. Re-instated 27th place.
9 Radial 6 06 Jan 2020 17:41 217316 Michael Compton BFD and error with number on whiteboard. Tape played to sailor. Error with whiteboard explained.
8 Radial 5 06 Jan 2020 12:07 216184 Vasileia Karachaliou I finished in front of 211211 and the results show I am tenth (after her) The finish race officer has reviewed the finish tape. Prior to the finish 1211 was behind 6184, however these positions were reversed immediately before the finish. No change to scoring.
7 Radial 3 05 Jan 2020 19:15 213939 Marie Bolou Race 3 Radial results are wrong Finish sheets reviewed; scores amended accordingly.
6 Radial 5 06 Jan 2020 10:02 217260 Barry Nordberg Scored DNC in race 5 Finish sheets reviewed; re-scored accordingly in 47th place.
5 Radial 2 04 Jan 2020 11:36 217373 Marie Barrue My coach and I saw these 2 boats around me and we were far ahead of the people scored in the results in front of me. Race committee has listened to the tape and we are satisfied that we have the correct sequence of finishers. No change to scoring.
4 Standard 2 04 Jan 2020 11:04 209558 Robert Wilson Finish position Results reviewed with skipper. No change to scoring.
3 Standard 1 03 Jan 2020 00:00 211499 Chris Dawson I was penalised by Jury but did my penalty turn. Skipper spoke with Jury who said skipper only did one turn. Skipper accepted decision.
2 Radial 1 03 Jan 2020 18:02 217312 Coralie Vittecoq Scored UFD but many boats above me before in the last minute and at start. Tape played to skipper and OK with decision. No change to scoring.
1 Radial 2 03 Jan 2020 18:05 192296 Armando Distefano UFD. Please review tape. Tape reviewed with skipper. No change to scoring.

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