BLiSS 2023 - AMS Entries

Katie Holroyd Serious Yahoo Adams 10 B9 RBYC 0.888All Female Crew
Maud Demarzure Cyan Moon B47 RBYC 0.820Mixed Crew with Female Helm
Julie Mckay Another Chapter B71 RBYC 0.944Mixed Crew with Female Helm
Ailsa Pender Sunshine Adams 10.6 S18 RMYS 0.849All Female Crew
Angela Riolo Vella Starr Bonbridge 27 186 RMYS 0.717All Female Crew
Cath Beaufort Up n Go S80 R182 RYCV 0.782All Female Crew
Catherine North Duxelle X 362 Sport R362 RYCV 0.863Mixed Crew with Female Helm
Clare Olding Vertigo R935 RYCV 0.899Mixed Crew with Female Helm
Robyn Ragauskas Bullet Bull 9000 Sm9006 SYC 0.882All Female Crew

Number of entries: 9

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