Waszp Qualifying Entries

Tom Trotman GBK 2
Ben Gunther Blitz 8
Hanako Tomishima 277Junior
Keiichiro Tomishima Hola 2193Master
Andrew McDougall 2198Super Master
Daniel Quinlan 2438Youth
Conall Green HORNET 2439Junior
Ashton Rawstron 2442Junior
Louis Schofield INAMORATA 2452Youth
Tom Klemens Tk 2458Apprentice
Jack Felsenthal Maximus 2492Apprentice
Louis Tilly 2 FAST 2650Junior
Will Troop Growler 2680Junior
Oscar Henderson The Grouch 2769Youth
Keizo Tomishima Zen 2776Junior
Mark Louis Darren 2778Youth
Alex Conway 2962Apprentice
Jervis Tilly Superfluous 3036Super Master
Aidan Simmons Flash 3166Junior

Number of entries: 19

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