Laser Radial Entries

Hamish Gilsenan THE ZOOKEEPER 216366 ASC
Simon Lynch Spatacus 8 RBYC
Damon Cook Uncomfortably numb 199246 RBYC
Owen McMahon Fresh from the Archive 201504 RBYC
Rob Scambler Midluff Crisis 206383 RBYC
tony mcphail Coconut telegraph 208808 RBYC
Tom Holmes Pillow 216348 RBYC/MYC
Nick Ede I'm Eugene 220000 RBYC/SYC
Mark Tonner-Joyce Snaga 221520 RGYC
Riley Cantwell TRUE BLUE 210174 SSCBC
Cameron Marcroft Surpass400 193900 Stawell YC
Steve Marcroft Mako 211480 Stawell YC
Armando Distefano Olskool 192296 SYC
Stuart Wallace Farnarkling 206036 SYC
Andrew Crawshaw Ok Boomer 217262 SYC
Taylor Hobbs Astra 2 163955 WSC

Number of entries: 16

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