Optimist Entries

Nicole Pieterse Sponge Boat 602 RYCT
Sam Nicholas Sharkfin 999 RYCT
Tom Hugo Atomic 1460 RYCT
Harry Pilkington Send It 1599 RYCT
Tom Fader Opti Hop 1708 RYCT
Lucy Clougher Fast Fish 502 SBSC
Edward Steedman ChillOut 826 SBSC
Edward Huys Blue Arrow 1226 SBSC
Annie Pavlides Deeper Water 1314 SBSC
Gabriel Yannarakis Latte 1337 SBSC
Wil Lodge Lion Fish 1748 SBSC
Fredi O'Donoghue Grit 1768 SBSC
Genevieve Strutton Copy That 1827 SBSC

Number of entries: 13

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