Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 11

Event: Sail Melbourne December 2023Race Number: 8
Protesting Boat: 181887Protested Boat: 198098
Submitted Date/time:  03 Dec 2023 16:12
Hearing Details: Not keep clear while tacking

Facts Found


1. Winds were 15 knots and the seas were choppy.

2. 181887 on starboard was sailing close-hauled towards the finish line on a converging course with 198098 close-hauled on port.

3. 198098 passed head to wind and bore off towards a close-hauled course,

4. Prior to 198098 reaching a close-hauled course, 181887 luffed and passed within 1 meter of 198098.

5. There was no contact.

6. Neither boat took a penalty and both finished the race. 



After 198098 passed head to wind, she did not keep clear of 181887 and broke RRS 13.

Rule(s) applicable

 RRS 13


 198098 is DSQ.

Jury Members

 Peter Hannah NJ AUS (Chairman), Joe Jospe IJ CAN, Julka Gurvinderpal IND IJ, Paul Pascoe AUS IJ, Sukkyong Kim KOR NJ




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