Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 04

Event: 2023 Musto Australian Optimist ChampionshipRace Number: 2
Protesting Boat: 1898Protested Boat: 
Submitted Date/time:  13 Jan 2023 11:17
Hearing Details: Request to reopen

Facts Found


1. 1898 was informed of the decision concerning case 1 on 10/01/2023 at1925hrs

2. 1898 submited a request to reopen in writing on 13/01/2023 at 1040hrs



1. 1898 did not request a reopening in writing no later than 24 hours after being informed of the decision as required by rule 66.2 therefore the request to reopen is invalid.

Rule(s) applicable




Request to reopen invalid.

Jury Members

 John Mooney USA NJ (Chairman), Damien Boldyrew AUS IJ, Michael Alison NZL IJ, Wayne Thompson AUS NJ




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