Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 22

Event: Hobie 16 World Championships 2022Race Number: 4
Protesting Boat: 11 - PeterProtested Boat: Beach Committee (Peter)
Submitted Date/time:  28 Sep 2022 18:10
Hearing Details: Request for redress

Facts Found


1. There was a contact between the starboard bow of Boat 41 and the starboard side of Boat 11, behind the shrouds.

2. The mast of Boat 11 broke momentarily after the impact.

3. The contact did not take place with the mast or the shrouds.

4. Boat 11 could not take a one turn penalty and retired from the race.

5. Boat 11 broke Rules 11 and 14, as established in the Case No 21, and had taken the appropriate penalty.



1. The breaking of the mast cannot be delinked from the impact of the contact.

2. Boat 11’s score in race 4 was made significantly worse through her own fault. Therefore, the requirements for redress in RRS 62.1 are not met.

Rule(s) applicable

 Rule 62.1(a)



Redress is not given

Jury Members

 Paul Pascoe AUS IJ (Chairman), Cesar Sans ESP IJ, Jean Claude Bornes FRA IJ, Julka Gurvinderpal IND IJ, Manuel Pedreira ESP NJ