Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 12

Event: Hobie 16 World Championships 2022Race Number: 3
Protesting Boat: 05 - J BoothProtested Boat: 25 - Krauss
Submitted Date/time:  23 Sep 2022 15:37
Hearing Details: Windward boat

Facts Found


Approaching the line to start boat 05 clear ahead of 25 with less than one minute until the start signal both on starboard tack.

25 attempted to pass astern of 05 but made contact with the stern of 05.

The hull of 25 mounted the stern of 05 causing the boat to turn head to wind.

Both crews then had to push the boats apart before staring.

05 started approximately 25 - 30 seconds after the starting signal.

No boat took a penalty

The wind strength was 13-18 knots with bit seas.

There was minor damage to the lip of the hull and the tiller extension was damaged.

Interim repairs were done on the tiller extension at the conclusion of race 3.





Boat 25 failed to keep clear as required by rules 11 & 14.

It was not reasonably possible for 05 to avoid the collision.

The damage to the tiller extension affected the performance of 05 in race 3.

Rule(s) applicable



 25 DSQ, 05 awarded avg points

Jury Members

 Cesar Sans ESP IJ (Chairman), Julka Gurvinderpal IND IJ, Manuel Pedreira ESP NJ, Paul Pascoe AUS IJ, Walter Mielke GER IJ