Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 07

Event: Hobie 16 World Championships 2022Race Number: 2
Protesting Boat: 37 - Sanz CabaeresProtested Boat: 29 - Bernabeu
Submitted Date/time:  22 Sep 2022 13:35
Hearing Details: Downwind port/starboard

Facts Found


1. The wind was 6-7 knots and the sea was not choppy.

2.  Boat 37 (Hector Sanz Cabaeres) and Boat 29 (Bernabeu) were sailing downwind on the second leg.

3. Boat 37 was on starboard tack and Boat 29 was on port tack.

4. The boats were on converging courses. 

5. Boat 29 held her course and Boat 37 bore away when the distance between the boats was around one boat length.

6. Contact occured between the bow of the starboard hull of Boat 37 and amidships of the port hull of Boat 29.

7. The starboard hull of Boat 37 was slightly damaged. There was no injury.

8. Neither boat took a penalty.



1. Boat 29 on port failed to keep clear of Boat 37 on starboartd and broke Rule 10.

2. Boat 29 did not avoid contact when it was reasonably possible and broke Rule 14.

3. It was not reasonably possible for Boat 37, the right of way boat, to avoid contact with Boat 29 when it became clear that Boat 29 was not keeping clear. Boat 37 did not break Rule 14. 

Rule(s) applicable

 RRS 63.3 (b), 10, 14



Boat 29 (Bernabeu) is DSQ in Race 2.

Jury Members

 Walter Mielke GER IJ (Chairman), Cesar Sans ESP IJ, Julka Gurvinderpal IND IJ, Manuel Pedreira ESP NJ, Paul Pascoe AUS IJ