Change to Sailing Instructions

Type of Communication Change to Sailing Instructions
Number:  11
Issued Date:  30 Nov 2023 22:52

1.   Add SI Addendum D - Standard Penalties

2.   Amend SI 11.4 to read; " A boat that does not start within 4 minutes after her starting signal, or for Charlie course 3 minutes, will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing. This changes RRS 35, Appendix A5.1 and Appendix A5.2."

3.  Amend SI 11.6 to read; "iQFOiL/KiteFoil/Charlie Course races will be started ..."

4.  Amend Addendum C, DELTA Course, IKA KiteFoiL - XS Description of Marks to read "Mark P - Orange buoy"


Peter Osbourne, PRO

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