Changes to Open Series SI's - Notice Board, Schedule, Weights

Type of Communication Change to Sailing Instructions
Number:  12
Issued Date:  21 Sep 2022 18:00
  1. SI 3 is replaced with:
    Notices to competitors, Protest Hearing Schedule and Decisions of the International Jury will be posted on the Official Notice Board will be located at the blue tent on the beach, online at and will be described at the skippers meeting. 
  2. SI 6.1(i) is replace with:
    The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race each day is 11:00 hours.
    On the last day of the regatta no warning signal will be made after 16:00 hours.
  3. Add to SSI:
    19.6 The location of additional crew weights over 5kg shall be approved by the Beach Captain.
    Weights over 5kg shall not be carried in the trampoline pocket

David Brookes
Race Officer