Clarification on Class Rules - Smart Watches & Weights

Type of Communication Jury Notice
Number:  9
Issued Date:  18 Sep 2022 22:30

Attention is drawn to the following two class rules:

1. Smart Watches - Hobie Class Rule 16.3

"Compasses with brackets or electronic devices that provide timing and heading memory but which do not transmit, transfer or receive data are permitted. The use of navigation and speed metering equipment is illegal unless specifically allowed in the individual boat rules or by the Notice of Race for the particular event or regatta."

For this event, there has been no change to this rule in the Notice of Race.

Therefore any GPS device would not comply with this class rule.

2. Weights - Hobie Class Rule 17.6:

Weights required to meet minimum crew weight shall not be usable for any other purpose. The weights must be attached to the boat and shall not be removed between leaving the shore and returning to shore after racing the last race of the day.”

Explanation of terms
“Attached” means the weights must either be tied or taped to the boat.



Paul Pascoe
Jury Chairman