Scoring Enquiry

Number: 9

Race Number6
DivisionManly junior
Sail Number2776
Boat NameTwin turbo
Skipper's NameLucas Rolfe
Sail Number of boat
finishing in front of me
Sail Number of boat
finishing behind me

Date/Time Received02 Oct 2022 20:41

Race 6 is SCP.

Were doing the internet signbon and off but no sms for sign off was received for day 2 although it was for day 1. 

Also max penalty should be 10% not 7.5 points. 



Response from RC

Amendment to SI 17. was posted on the ONB Sunday AM - Safety Regulations 17.3 [SP] Before leaving to race on each scheduled race day or session, the Skipper from each boat shall sign on via the paper form at the Regatta Office. Lucas signed on on the paper form but did not sign off. He has been give a one point SCP.

Response ByEH
Response Date/Time03 Oct 2022

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