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Number: 8

Race Number3
Sail Number3082
Boat Name3082
Skipper's NameJacqui Vanzella
Sail Number of boat
finishing in front of me
Sail Number of boat
finishing behind me

Date/Time Received13 Jan 2022 19:15

During the last leg of Race 3 just before we were about to round the top mark, we were approached by a woman on a race official RIB, flying a pink D flag, who instructed us to head back to shore. At first, we did not hear the instructions from the RIB, however we rounded the mark and prepared to head down towards the finish line. The official RIB then approached us again while we were sailing downwind and repeated the instruction to head back to shore. We then headed back into the club, however upon looking at the race results on land we noticed we were officially recorded with a DNC. We also noticed that a few of the boats that were a lengthy distance behind us during the race have been recorded in the results as finishing in the top 5. After returning back to shore, we confirmed with multiple sailors that the fleet was indeed instructed to return to shore around the top mark on the last leg, even though many boats chose to ignore it and sailed to the finish line regardless - and were therefore recorded with a numerical result.

Response from RC

Results have been updated and finished you in 12th place

Response ByPaul Pascoe
Response Date/Time13 Jan 2022 22:00

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