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Number: 38

Race Number2
DivisionWing Foil
Sail NumberBib 18
Skipper's NameLeigh Thorne
Sail Number of boat
finishing in front of me
Sail Number of boat
finishing behind me

Date/Time Received15 Jan 2022 12:38

During my first lap, I did not go through the start/finish mark. However I did complete another full lap, hence passing through this start/finish mark correctly. My score however says 20 points for this race, however I believe that is incorrect as I technically completed one lap. This brief discussion was had with the start boat as I crossed the line and was witnessed by fellow competitor lachie white. 
thank you

Response from RC

Hi Leigh, 

Thank you for your enquiry, your result has been amended for race 2 and you have been scored as 9th. 

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