Scoring Enquiry

Number: 13

Race Number3
Sail Number2447
Boat NameMicrowave
Skipper's NameJames Gough
Sail Number of boat
finishing in front of me
Sail Number of boat
finishing behind me

Date/Time Received13 Jan 2022 19:54

At top mark, lap 3 of race 3. 2447 was 2nd, with 3028 in front, and 3016 behind. The PRO called boats to be finished at the top mark before the leading boat reached the mark. 2447 was not notified and continued to race, ultimately finishing 3rd over the line behind 3016.

Response from RC

The lead boats were not notified and were required to finish all three laps. Only the last few boats were finished at the top mark.

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Response Date/Time13 Jan 2022 22:40

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