Open Fleet Qualifying, Race 5

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Skipper Sail
SWINSBURG, Dexter382Red
HARVIE, Leigh673Yellow
UNDERWOOD, Amelia782Yellow
UNDERWOOD, Cameron1001Red
MANSELL, Cathrine Olivia1017Yellow
TAN, Ashlea1111Red
VAN KERKWIJK, Nicholas1219Yellow
PRIOR, Sophie1250Yellow
MILLER, Rory1309Yellow
MCLACHLAN, Raphael1356Yellow
MCLACHLAN, Patrick1357Yellow
CANTWELL, Holly1391Yellow
MCKAY, Stirling1447Yellow
TUCKER, Seb1449Red
LIGOVICH, Orlando1480Red
DUTHIE, Murray1516Red
PHILLIPS, Myles1523Red
HOLDSWORTH, William1546Red
SAYERS, Wil1570Red
HEELEY, Walter1575Yellow
TANDY, Lauren1590Red
MCKEON, Tucker1594Red
THWAITE, Aarnnie1604Yellow
STEEL, Ruben1606Yellow
GRIGG, Paige1616Yellow
ASHTON, Sam1620Yellow
AUSTIN, Mia1624Red
ALLEN, Zoe1633Yellow
PATIL-CHAUDHARI, Aaveer1666Yellow
HODZIC, Maya1669Yellow
PAGE, Lucas1682Yellow
FOGGO, Saxon1685Yellow
DALE, James1715Red
JACKSON, Zoe1720Red
SIMMONS, Callum1732Red
BATES, Meg1735Red
CUNNINGHAM, Sadie1744Yellow
CRAWFORD, Rosalita1747Red
LODGE, Wil1748Red
STEEDMAN, Edward1750Red
BATES, Heidi1766Yellow
PARKER, Alex1770Red
TUCKER, Jago1771Yellow
LOZEVSKI, Isabella1772Red
BLACK, Jackson1773Yellow
TOMISHIMA, Goro1782Red
DALE, Joshua1783Yellow
HENDERSON, Hugo1785Red
CANTWELL, Tate1790Red
GOH, Brendan1791Yellow
MAHONEY, Jorja1793Yellow
ROBBINS, Billie1805Red
CHENG, Sebastian1806Red
THWAITE, Kai1811Red
MOORHEAD, Ethan1812Yellow
SPACEY, Harper1820Red
PILKINGTON, George1825Yellow
BAKER WOOD, Angus1831Yellow
ROGERS, William1847Red
BRIGHT, Wilbur1848Yellow
AITKEN, Olivia1849Yellow
CANTWELL, Maya1850Yellow
MILES, Darcy1851Red
TAN, Atticus1852Red
HIGGINS, Jessica1854Red
GRIFFITH, Lottie1858Yellow
LEVENSPIEL, Miles1859Red
LEVENSPIEL, Henri1860Red
GRIFFIN, Angus1866Yellow
PIGGOTT, Henry1871Yellow
WENT, Calin1873Red
BUIVIDAS, Augustas1877Red
HENDERSON, Sam1879Yellow
ORAZIO, Luca1880Yellow
HOWELL, Zac1882Red
CARTER, Ruby1883Red
HIGGINS, Darcy1885Yellow
LIANG, Charles1889Yellow
HARRISON, Levi1898Yellow
HOMES, Sophia1899Red
DARLOW, Ewan1900Red
MORSE, Monte1902Yellow
COOPER, Thomas1904Yellow
COOPER, Nicholas1905Yellow
PHILLIPS, Toby1906Red
STENT, Acklin1907Yellow
NAGAHORI, Koh3153Red
GOSLING, Leo6495Red

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