Sharpies - Line Honours Entries

Lauren Kiel Crackerjack 815 DSS
Luka Smillie Dump Truck 846 KBSC
Robert Knoop Ghostbusters 760 RYCT
Nick Fleming Sharpshooter 784 RYCT
Rowan Trappes Creepin 801 RYCT
Esther Read Impact 821 RYCT
Nick Smart Geeveston Fanny 825 RYCT
Nick Brett Killing me Softly 897 RYCT
Charlie Connor Truck 898 RYCT
Amy Potter One Hump or Two 900 RYCT
Finlay Crisp Dying in the Saddle 921 RYCT
Oliver Burnell Bonfires 859 RYCT/DSS

Number of entries: 12

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