Laser Radial Entries

Julian Taylor Aeolus 211478 ACT CYC
Annabelle Connery Zen 215045 ACT CYC/RSYSFemale
Mac Finlayson Mac Attack 208376 NSW DBSC
Gavin Blake Gunship 211546 NSW DBSC
Ian Alexander Bigdog 211549 NSW DBSC
Finn Alexander Amanda 214418 NSW DBSC/RSYS
Daniel Costandi Race Mode On 217280 NSW GRSC/RSYS/DBSC
Sylvie Stannage TBA 212858 NSW HHSCFemale
Evie Saunders Hoyah 217267 NSW MYC | DBSCFemale
Paige Caldecoat The Captain 215617 NSW NCYC, B16ftSCFemale
Alexander Bijkerk Whooshka 209514 NSW RPAYC
Oliver Gordon Rapid 215054 NSW RPAYC
Ashton Scott Ajman 184694 NSW RSYS
Gretel Payne Miss Khoo 196426 NSW RSYSFemale
Isobel Payne Swallow 202851 NSW RSYSFemale
Garth Bickford 208806 NSW RSYS
Gianni Watson Kraken 212838 NSW RSYS
Brooke Wilson Little Choppies 218007 NSW RSYS/DBSCFemale
Mina Ferguson Wowisail 217272 NSW RSYS/WSC/DBSCFemale
Chris Rodowicz Socially Distant 216166 NSW VYC
Mark Louis Remarkable 214424 NSW WSC
Quentin Burns On Fire 202650 NSW WSC/RSYS
Emma Plasschaert Raspberry rocket 211552 NSW WwsvFemale
Isaac Schotte SX 205831 QLD RQYS
Frances Beebe Frankenstein 208540 QLD RQYSFemale
Mara Stransky TBA 208546 QLD RQYSFemale
Will Sargent plzbewindy 210204 TAS SBSC
Casey Imeneo 210792 VIC McCYCFemale
Lachlan Weber Scremin Seaman 206043 VIC MYC
Jack Eickmeyer Big Black Tiller 217366 VIC MYC
Steve Gunther No Name 217292 VIC PMYC
Elyse Ainsworth ARROW 216226 WA FSCFemale
Matt Wearn Marge 199015 WA MHYC
Zoe Thomson boat 204568 WA RFBYCFemale

Number of entries: 34

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