29er Entries

Gus Wilkie
Charlie Zeeman
The Sunk 427 SBSC
Toby Legg
Lara Racape
Boaty McBoat 564 SBSC
Harry Gregory
Will Sargent
Greg 1404 SBSC
Amy Potter
Anabelle Zeeman
AA 2262 SBSC
Charlie Pavlides
Otto Newstead
Smiling Assassin 2288 SBSC
Eddie Reid
Jacob McConaghy
Toaster Oven 2447 SBSC
Edward Broadby
William Zeeman
Skiffy 2460 SBSC
Lawrence Jeffs
Dervla Duggan
Knot Sure 2461 SBSC
Oscar O'Donoghue
Charlie Goodfellow
Last Minute 2679 SBSC
James Gough
Rupert Hamilton
Beautiful Idiots 2681 SBSC
Keizo Tomishima
Ethan Lozevski
Microwave 2065 WSC

Number of entries: 11

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