WASZP Entries

Liam Edleston Thumper AUS 2485 BYS
Chris Green Mustang On 2187 Indented Head YC
Marc Ablett KA SAIL 2186 Mordialloc Sailing Club
Jack Felsenthal Charter World Yachting Holidays 1 RBYC
Alexander Conway TBA 32 RBYC
Daniel Quinlan Carbon AUS2182 RBYC
Paul Fleming Lick the stamp AUS2192 Safety Beach
Patrick Distefano Cosmo 2453 Sandringham yc
Thomas Klemens Tk 2458 Sscbc
Jack Abbott Squizzy Taylor 2660 SSCBC
Tom Dwyer Sunbrero Blank Syc
Lachlan Hughes Winston 2451 SYC/RBYC

Number of entries: 12

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