Minnow Entries

COWELL, Hamish Speed Away 1134 AUS
HUNTER-SCOTT, Charlie Green Machine 1180 AUS
EVANS, Kate La Femme Fatale 1181 AUSF
WARNER, Edward Quantum Leap 1194 AUS
BACKWELL, Sam Lionheart 1199 AUS
BATTY, Samantha Sam I Am 1205 AUSF
BATTY, Jessica Green Eggs & Ham 1207 AUSF
COWELL, Campbell Bob the Boat 1210 AUS
TELFORD, Jade She's Apples 1183 AUSF
DUFF, Taj Wicked Weasel 1218 AUS
FORD, Hudson Blue Devil 1062 AUS
SMALE, Jude Beached Az 1197 AUS
DISNEY, Darcy Maximus 1050 AUS
HARROP, Jarvis Flying Fish 1213 AUS
SCHEY, Lucas Meanow 1212 AUS
BACKWELL, Ruby Tidal Wave 1186 AUSF

Number of entries: 16

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