Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 08

Event: WASZP Games 2023Race Number: 7
Protesting Boat: 3126Protested Boat: Race committee
Submitted Date/time:  15 Dec 2023 12:34
Hearing Details: BFD on abandoned race

Facts Found


Witnesses: Jeremy Stewart RC PIN START;

1.  Race 7 was started under a Black flag,

2. The RC identified 2494, 3453, 3597, 3463, 3581, 3126, 3158 as OCS but did not immediately notify the scorer.

3. There was an error in signalling the start, with the class flag being lowered more than one minute after the lowering of the black flag.

4. The RC abandoned the race.

5. The RC did not list the BFD boats on the whitebaord.

6. The 7 boats started in the resailed race. 

7. The following day, the RC was made aware of the error and scored the boats as BFD.



  1. The RC made a timing error on the start, omitted to display the BFD boats prior to the next warning signal, and did not notify the scorer of the BFDs in a timely manner.

  2. The improper actions of the RC did not cause the boats to be OCS.

  3. The condition of "no fault of her own" has not been met.

Rule(s) applicable

 62.1(a), 30.4, 90.3(c)


 Redress is no given

Jury Members





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