Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 03

Event: WASZP Games 2023Race Number: 6
Protesting Boat: 3597Protested Boat: Jury boat
Submitted Date/time:  14 Dec 2023 13:23
Hearing Details: Pumping penalty

Facts Found


1. Appendix P was in effect.

2. 3597 was penalized by an umpire for breaking RRS 42 on the first upwind leg of race 6.

3. 3597 took the required One-Turn Penalty.



In accordance with RRS Appendix P4, 3597 shall not be given redress for an action by a member of the protest committee unless the action was improper due to a failure to take into account a race committee signal or class rule.

Rule(s) applicable

 RRS Appendix P4



Redress is not given,

Jury Members

 Paul Pascoe, Sukkyong Kim, Joe Jospe




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