Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 01

Event: WASZP Games 2023Race Number: slalom 1
Protesting Boat: 2671Protested Boat: 3452
Submitted Date/time:  11 Dec 2023 17:09
Hearing Details: 

Facts Found


Procedual Matter

Appendix UF was in effect.

Facts Found

1. After the start, there was contact between 2671 and 3452. with damage to 2671's starboard wing tube and its sail.

2. 2671 was penalized by an umpire.

3. 2671 finished the race.

4. 2671 discussed the incident with the umpire immediately after finishing but did not inform the Race Committee or Umpire of her intention to protest and request redress. 




1 2671's request for a hearing was in relation to an action taken by an umpire. Appendix UF 5.1 does not permit that.

2. 2671 failed to hail or communicate her intention to protest with the race committee or umpires within 2 minutes of finishing, as required by Appendix UF5.3 of the SSCBC WASZP Racing Version [BF05].


Rule(s) applicable

 UF5.1, UF5.3, RRS 63.5



The protest is invalid, The hearing is closed under RRS 63.5.

Jury Members

 Joe Jospe IJ CAN (Chairman), Paul Pascoe AUS IJ, Sukkyong Kim KOR NJ




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