Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 06

Event: 2022 NSW Youth ChampionshipsRace Number: 8
Protesting Boat: 220047Protested Boat: Race committee
Submitted Date/time:  03 Oct 2022 15:34
Hearing Details: Redress

Facts Found


Facts Found 220047

  1.  Before the start of race 8 RC removed AP

  2.  One minute later RC displayed 4.7 Class Warning Signal.



1. There was neither an improper action or omission of the RC. The requirement for redress is not met.

Rule(s) applicable

 62, Race Signals


 Redress request denied

Jury Members

 Ian Humphries (IJ) Chair, Damien Boldyrew (IJ), Peta Norris, Fred Haes, Peter Walsh, Evan McHugh




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