Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 03

Event: Sail Melbourne International 2020Race Number: 4
Protesting Boat: 174701Protested Boat: International Jury
Submitted Date/time:  19 Jan 2020 17:30
Hearing Details: Reopen of Protest 1

Facts Found


The Jury hailed protest to 174701 prior to the start of race 4 (18/1/2020). 

The protest was filed at 1842

The protest was heard at 1745

174701 was called by the Chairman of the International Jury. 

174701 was asked if he needed additional time to prepare, and he requested and was granted an additional 15 minutes to prepare.

174701 was asked during the hearing if he needed additional time to prepare and he advised he did not need any extra time. 




The International Jury was not satisified that before the original hearing the evidence was diligently but unsuccessfully sought.

Rule(s) applicable

 RRS 66, RRS M4.2, Case 115



The conditions for reopening in RRS 66 have not been met. 

Jury Members

 Deepak Dikhit IND NJ (Chairman), Ian Humphries AUS IJ, John Rountree NZL IJ, Luke Tupper AUS NJ, Mike Alison NZL IJ




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