Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 08

Event: Sail Melbourne International 2020Race Number: 1
Protesting Boat: 29Protested Boat: 1
Submitted Date/time:  18 Jan 2020 17:50
Hearing Details: Upwind mark

Facts Found


  1. 29 and 1 were both on starboard tack sailing to windward.

  2. The boards were travelling at about 22 knots.

  3. 1 was approximately 5-10 metres ahead of 29.

  4.  The kite of 1 inverted suddenly and her lines tangled with 29.

  5.  29 recovered from the tangle after approximately 90 seconds and completed the race in 9th place.

  6.  1 retired from Race 1.



  1. By changing the position of her kite and not giving 29 room to keep clear, 1 has broken F2 16.1.

  2.  1 retired from the race and is to be scored RCT. F5 64.1(d)

  3. 29's score has been made signficantly worse through no fault of her own by a tangle caused by the action of a kiteboard breaking a rule of Part 2 (F2 16.1) and is entitled to redress.

Rule(s) applicable

 F2 16.1, F5 62.1(b), F5 64.1(d), F8 A11



  1. 29 is to be scored for Race 1 an average of all other races sailed on Day One of the event.

  2. 1 is to have her score changed to RCT.

Jury Members

 Christina Heydon AUS NJ (Chairman), John Rountree NZL IJ, Jonathon Rees AUS NJ, MAZARD Philippe FRA IJ, Murray Jones AUS IJ




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