Protest Decision

Protest Number: 04

Event: 2020 International Etchells Victorian ChampionshipRace Number: 9
Protesting Boat: 1399Protested Boat: 1395
Protest Details: Touching mark

Facts Found


1399 on starboard tack sailing from the windward mark to the hitch mark

1395 approached the windward mark on starboard tack, rounding the mark.

1366 approached on port tack, tacking to starboard around the mark, losing speed.

1395 altered course to windward to avoid 1366, but contact occurred between the bow of 1395 and 1366.

1366 took a penalty

1366 was in the line of sight between 1399 and 1395.



No rule broken

Rule(s) applicable



 Protest dismissed

Jury Members





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