Protest Decision

Protest Number: 02

Event: 2020 International Etchells Victorian ChampionshipRace Number: 6
Protesting Boat: 1474Protested Boat: 1443
Protest Details: Port/Starboard

Facts Found


1474 on starboard, 1443 on port, sailing downwind towards the gate mark under spinnaker.

1474 crash gybed to port to avoid a collision

There was contact between the spinnakers of the two boats

No boats took any penalty turns, there was no damage or injury.

The wind was approximately 20 knots.



1443 broke rule 10 and 14. 1474 broke rule 14 but is exonerated under rule 14(b).

Rule(s) applicable



 1443 is DSQ in Race 6

Jury Members





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