Protest Decision

Protest Number: 01

Event: International Etchells 2020 Australian ChampionshipsRace Number: 2
Protesting Boat: 1399Protested Boat: 1395
Protest Details: Port/Stb

Facts Found


1. Both boats were close hauled on starboard tack.

2. SGL was less than one boat length clear ahead and one boat width to leeward to leeward of TL's line.

3. SGL tacked to port, across TL's bow

4. TL hailed 'starboard' a number of times, assessing that, if she did not alter course, she would make contact with SGL's starboard quarter, approximately 1.5 m from her stern.

5. There was no response from SGL and TL bore away, passing close astern of SGL.

6. There was no contact

7. Neither boat took a penalty and both boats finished



1. TL altered course to pass astern af SGL because of a reasonable apprehension of contact (Case 50 refers)

2. SGL did not keep clear of TL as required by RRS 10 and 13

3. TL avoided contact as required by RRS 14

Rule(s) applicable

 RRS 10 and 13


 1395 DSQ from Race 2

Jury Members

 John Mooney (Chair), Rob Ware NJ VIC, Andrew Merrett SJ VIC, Geoff Searle NJ VIC




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