Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 106

Event: Sailing World Cup Final 2016 - Invited ClassesRace Number: 3
Protesting Boat: AUS345Protested Boat: Race Committee
Submitted Date/time:  11 Dec 2016 10:22
Hearing Details: Scoring

Facts Found


The RC observed that AUS 345 was OCS at the Start Signal, the Individual Recall signal was displayed within 3-5 seconds.

AUS 345 did not return to the pre start side of the line.



The Individual Recall was signalled correctly.

There was no improper action or ommission by the RC.

Rule(s) applicable




Redress not given.

Jury Members

 Mark Gallagher (Chairman), Masaaki Tanakak JPN, Rob Ware AUS




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