Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 103

Event: Sailing World Cup Final 2016 - Invited ClassesRace Number: 1
Protesting Boat: 210789Protested Boat: Redress
Submitted Date/time:  10 Dec 2016 19:44
Hearing Details: Incorrect score posted

Facts Found


AUS 210789 lodged a Scoring Enquiry for R1 at 09:00 on 10DEC as she saw her result around 22:00 on 9Dec.

Results of that day was posted on ONB around 18:45 on 9DEC

As the Inquiry was rejected by RC, AUS 210789 lodged request for redress at19:44 on 10DEC.

Protest time limit was 19:40 on 9DEC.




Jury did not find good reason to extend the time limit.

Rule(s) applicable




Request for redress invalid.

Jury Members

 Mark Gallagher (Chairman), Masaaki Tanakak JPN, Rob Ware AUS




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