Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 03

Event: Royal Brighton Yacht ClubRace Number: Peter Taylor Race 1
Protesting Boat: B45Protested Boat: Race committee
Submitted Date/time:  15 Oct 2022 16:50
Hearing Details: Abandoning a race after 4 boats have finished

Facts Found


The protest was valid and both requests were heard together as they referred to the same incident.

  1. The race was a 23Nm race for mixed keelboat classes

  2. There were 16 boats in Division 1

  3. The start was delayed for each division due to a fading and shifty wind

  4. The race was started in light, variable wind conditions

  5. After nearly two hours, the race was shortened at 1350, and abandoned at approximately 1500 after four Division 1 boats had finished

  6. Divisions 2 and 3 were abandoned at the same time, with no boats having finished

  7. The RO consulted BOM forecasts and local observations, and conferred with other members of the RC over the course of the race, before making the decision to abandon

  8. After three hours of racing all observations indicated that the wind was still fading

  9. The RO believed that the fairness of the race was outside the limits of what could be considered reasonable





The RC considered the consequences for all boats in the race, therefore there was no improper action or omission by the RC

Rule(s) applicable



 Request for redress denied

Jury Members

 Darren Eger, Peter Osbourne, Tony Dawson




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