Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 06

Event: ORCVRace Number: 
Protesting Boat: SennaProtested Boat: 
Hearing Details: No score for Senna in AMS Division

Facts Found


  1. Senna entered the M2P race in the AMS Division.

  2. At the time of entry Senna did not have a valid AMS certificate as the certificate had lapsed.

  3. Senna submitted a request for renewal on Oct 29th and it was issued on Oct 30th.

  4. The NOR stipulated that a valid AMS certificate was required by Oct 23rd.





Senna did not comply the NOR & RRS.

Rule(s) applicable

 RRS 62.1 & 75.1, NOR 4.4 & 5.3


 Redress denied

Jury Members

 Mike Alison IJ NZL (Chairman), Doug Sloan IJ USA, Ron Barac IJ ISR, Ken Christensen AUS




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