Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 05

Event: ORCVRace Number: Race 2
Protesting Boat: Race CommitteeProtested Boat: 
Hearing Details: The Race Committee incorrectly interpreted the time limit for the race through no fault of the competitors. A number of competitors finished outside the time limit for the race. The race was scored

Facts Found


  1. RC read the wrong Sailing Instructions when checking the time limit which had a different time limit to the SI's that applied for this race.

  2. For both Divisions all boats finished within the "incorrect" time limit.

  3. The RC indicated that if they had used the correct time limit they would have shortened course.

  4. Under the correct time limit, 2 boats in Div 2 did not finish with the time limit and were subsequently scored DNF, and all of Div 1 did not finish within the time limit.

  5. Conditions were flat water, 10-15 knots of breeze.

  6. The course consisted of multiple laps with multiple opportunities to shorten course.

  7. The course was not shortened.

  8. All boats crossed the finish line and finish times recorded, other than three who retired for reasons other than time limit.





  1. RC made an improper action by referring to the incorrect SI's

  2. Boats were scored DNF as a result of the course not being shortened.

Rule(s) applicable




Redress is granted. Redress to be that results shall be calculated using finish times as recorded by the RC.

Jury Members

 Paul Pascoe, Rob Ware, Mark Welsh




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