Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 03

Event: ORCVRace Number: 1
Protesting Boat: MagazanProtested Boat: Seven50
Hearing Details: Startline incident

Facts Found


  1. Both Magazan and Seven 50 were approaching the start line at the committee boat end on starboard tack with Seven 50 clear astern.

  2. Seven 50 sailing faster established a windward overlap on Magazan.

  3. When both boats were overlapped with the starting vessel, Magazan attempted to alter course to leeward to avoid contact with Seven 50 but was restricted by other boats to leeward.

  4. Contact occurred between the boom of Seven 50 and the starboard shroud of Magazan, causing damage to the starboard spreader.

  5. Magazan hailed "protest" and displayed a red flag

  6. No boat took a penalty in acknowledgement of breaking a rule.

  7. Shortly after the start Magazan's starboard spreader failed, causing her to retire from the race.



  1. Seven 50 as windward boat was not entitled to room and failed to keep clear causing damage to Magazan the leeward boat

  2. Seven 50 broke rules 11, 14.

  3. Magazan did not break rule 14(b)

Rule(s) applicable

 Definition Clear astern, clear ahead: Overlap and Room, 11, 14, 44.1 (b), 60.1 (b), 61.1 (a) (4)


 Seven50 is scored DSQ

Jury Members

 Paul Pascoe Chairman, Tim Wagland, Noel Allen




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