Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 01

Event: ORCVRace Number: 1
Protesting Boat: YokoProtested Boat: 
Hearing Details: Rendering Assistance

Facts Found


  1. Afrayd Knot dropped their mast off the north east coast of Tasmania

  2. Yoko & Turbulence heard a PAN PAN call from Afrayd Knot at 12:15

  3. Turbulence established radio contact with Afrayd Knot but were advised by Afrayd Knot that assistance was not required.

  4. Yoko and ORCV discussed the situation and ORCV subsequently requested both boats to stand by

  5. Yoko turned back at 12:22:43 and re-commenced racing at the same position at 12:52:14

  6. Turbulenced turned back towards Afrayd Knot at 12:20 and when relieved by ORCV at 12:40, returning to their position as at 12:20 at 13:20.





Yoko and Turbulence rendered assistance as required.

  1. Yoko awarded 45 minutes from their finishing time

  2. Turbulence awarded 1 hour 15 minutes

Rule(s) applicable



 Awarded 45 minutes

Jury Members

 John Rountree, Ronnie McCracken, Steve Hatch




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