Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 12

Event: ORCVRace Number: 
Protesting Boat: One for the RoadProtested Boat: Jaffa, Lord Jiminy
Hearing Details: Sailing in restricted area

Facts Found


  1. Prior to the hearing, the RC notified both boats that they were subject to a 10% penalty without a hearing for infringing SI "Appendix D - Courses"

  2. The protest against Jaffa is deemed valid and hearing will proceed.

  3. Lord Jiminy was not properly notified of the protest as required under RRS 61.1(a)(3) and the the protest was ruled invalid.

  4. Lord Jiminy had requested redress and the redress hearing was heard with the protest as they concerned the same incident.

  5. From the screen prints provided, Lord Jiminy sailed approximately 45m inside the exclusion zone and Jaffa approximately 200m inside the exclusion zone.

  6. Jaffa's GPS had been malfunctioning during this and previous races.

  7. Jaffa did not have a crew member monitoring the chart plotter while exiting the heads. Lord Jiminy did have a crew member monitoring during this period.




  1. Both boats were deemed to have sailed within the exclusion zone taking into consideration the level of accuracy of GPS.

  2. As the RC had already imposed a 10% penalty for sailing inside the exclusion zone, there was no further penalty imposed on Jaffa.

  3. Lord Jiminy's request for redress is denied.

Rule(s) applicable

 SI Appendix D - Courses


 Protest upheld. 10% penalty stands

Jury Members

 Paul Pascoe (Chairman), Don Fraser, Tony Dawson




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