Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 11

Event: ORCVRace Number: 
Protesting Boat: One for the Road, ChallengeProtested Boat: Extasea
Hearing Details: Starting incident

Facts Found


  1. The race started at 0400, in light winds and moderate visability.

  2. One minute after the start, three boats approached the starting line on port tack, One for the Road to leeward, Challenge to windward, and Extasea clear astern and above Challenge.

  3. One for the Road sailing at 4 knots, Challenge at 4.7 and Extasea at 6 knots.

  4. One for the Road and Challenge were sailing the same course on a heading to pass immediately below the start vessel.

  5. Extasea established an overlap to windward of Challenge, sailing a lower course on collision course with Challenge

  6. One for the Road and Challenge altered course to leeward to avoid a collision with Extasea

  7. There was no contact between boats

  8. Extasea took a 720 penalty turn 65 miles later.



Extasea was required to keep clear of One for the Road and Challenge as the windward boat and the overtaking boat. The penalty turns taken were far too late, and not an applicable penalty.

Rule(s) applicable

 Col Regs 12(a) ii, 13(a)(b)(c), SI 7.3


 Extasea penalised 1 hour to their elapsed time

Jury Members

 Paul Pascoe, Simon Dryden, Tony Dawson




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