Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 12

Event: Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat ClubRace Number: 1
Protesting Boat: C2006Protested Boat: C305
Submitted Date/time:  23 Apr 2022 15:55
Hearing Details: Initially acquiring right of way / Request redress

Facts Found



  1. Harry Mighell declared a possible conflict of interest as a competitor in the race and series.

  2. Both parties views were that there was no problem with him being a member of the protest committee and consented to him being a member.

  3. The protest commitee decided that the conflict of interest was not significant given the level of the conflict, the level of the event, the importance to each party and the overall perception of fairness.

The Incident

  1. C888 was on the starboard layline to mark 1

  2. C305 was on port and tacked to starboard above the layline and to windward of C888 

  3. C2006 on port bore away to pass asten of C888 

  4. C305 completed her tack to starboard

  5. C2006 initially luffed after clearing C888's stern intending to tack, became on a converging course and then bore away.

  6. C2006's bowspit broke when it made contact with C305's traveller rail




  1. C2006 on port failed to keep clear of C305 on Starboard, and broke RRS 10.

  2. C2006 did not avoid contact when it was reasonably possible, and broke RRS 14.

  3. It was not reasonably possible for C305 the right-of-way boat to avoid contact with C2006 when it was clear that C2006 was not keeping clear. C305 did not break RRS 14.

  4. C2006's score in races 3 and 4 of the series was made significantly worse through her own fault. Therefore, the requirements for redress in RRS 62.1 are not met.

Rule(s) applicable

 10, 14, 62.1 (b), 63.4 (a),(b) and (c), M2.3


 C2006 is disqualified, redress is not given.

Jury Members

 Ben Fels, Harry Mighell, Julia Mackinnon




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